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The bittersweet saga of a Libertarian venture capitalist's attempts to sabotage his Republican ex-wife's Congressional campaign.




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James Warner


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Quiz: which character from All Her Father's Guns are you?


Numina Press

“So scary and funny, at once: Warner's take on and insight into the exaggerations of our strange world continually made me laugh and then pause and reconsider and shiver.” -- Peter Rock, author of My Abandoment and The Bewildered

All her Father's Guns had me laughing out loud. It's a wonder that a wit so dry can keep topping its own hilarious invention, page after page.” -- Tamim Ansary, author of Destiny Disrupted: a History of the World Through Islamic Eyes and The Widow's Husband

“Witty, stylish, and smart. Entertaining as hell.” -- Mark Sarvas, author of Harry, Revised

“James Warner has revived the fine art of the farce, of using the absurd to reveal deep, disturbing truths.” -- Frances Lefkowitz, author of To Have Not

“... this rollicking satire hits modern society squarely in the bullseye.” -- Matt Stewart, author of The French Revolution

All Her Father's Guns made the San Francisco Public Library reading list.